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The founder of the fallen Nasty Gal is ready for her next Girlboss evolution.

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How the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family used her most famous asset—cosmetically enhanced lips—to launch a makeup line her fans can't get enough of.

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My month as a Beautytainer.

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The inside story behind Ferris Bueller's weekend out.

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Crossing the final privacy frontier with Dr. Miami.

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A writer reflects on her experimental rejection of traditional hygiene.

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Huda Kattan has become the most popular beauty blogger in the Arab world.

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I'd hoped buying an apartment would make me a grownup, but my new neighbors didn't see me that way.

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Inside the unlikely mattress startup boom.

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The latest developments for soothing—and staving off—irritation.

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The Korean government is backing banana-shaped lip glosses and lace sheet masks.  

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Yoga studios across the country are reclaiming the practice for all body types. 

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Is the fixation on stomach-based workouts too much of a good thing?

·    Why I Run Sprints and Lift Weights (Competitively) With My 72-Year-Old Mother (Elle) 

Some mothers and daughters get their nails done together. Others go to high tea. My mom and I workout.

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There's a simple secret behind cool, lived-in hair. 

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What I witnessed at the yoga brand’s once-a-year warehouse sale.

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Why Rocky (and Al Bundy) had the right idea.  

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 Is skipping meals the secret to staying trim and healthy? A report on the non-feeding frenzy. 

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In the designer’s pop-up shop, using tweets to pay for perfume, sunglasses, and handbags.

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The island's most in-demand D.J. is straight, with a long-term girlfriend. 

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The energy healers, potion-brewers, and shih-tzu whisperers that locals swear by.

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If anyone can wear it, you should be the one who doesn't.

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Yoga practitioners are showing off their best poses on Instagram. 

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Meet the former “head accessories intern” suing Harper’s Bazaar.

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L.A.’s swimming sensations, the Aqualillies, talk about the most refreshing, and glamorous, way to stay in shape.

·      The Stigma (Details)

Kevin Driscoll’s ill-advised one-night stand lead to charges of sexual misconduct that would cost him his home, his job, and his wife-to-be — even though a jury found him not guilty.

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Jodie Marsh gave up bars for barbells and created a brand new woman.

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Test-driving the lengthy manicure of the moment. 

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Minx nail film creates new looks, lots of buzz.

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The much-maligned, once-terrifying chemical peel may just be the best thing you can do for your skin. 

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The appeal of Silly Bandz expands to adults.

·      America’s First Transgender Mayor (Details)

In 2000, Stu Rasmussen spent $4,000 to get a pair of 36Ds. In January, in Silverton, Oregon, he made political history.

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Fashion bloggers often employ their boyfriends as their photographers. So what happens when they break up?

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The cosmetics industry has stopped seeing bloggers as bottom feeders.

·      Pool Boy (Details)

Kenyon Smith is a champion in his chosen sport. But he won’t be going to Beijing to compete in the Olympics this year — in synchronized swimming boys, aren’t allowed. 

·      At Play In The Realm of Political Animals (The New York Times)

The Capital Club is a Washington group of 100 politically connected young men who are known for partying like they're back at a fraternity kegger.